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  • Starting a Nonprofit or Social Enterprise (PA 4356, UTD)

  • Introduction To Nonprofits (PMAP 3210, GSU)

  • Principles of Microeconomics (ECON 2106 & 2106H, GSU)



  • Doctoral Seminar on Nonprofit Organizations: Theory and Practice (PA 7375, UTD)

  • Nonprofit Management

  • Strategic Planning for Nonprofits (PA 6387, UTD Syllabus)

  • Nonprofit Financial Management

  • Public and Nonprofit Financial Management (PAD 501, UALB)

  • Professional Applications I (PAD 507, UALB Syllabus)

  • Evaluation Research (PMAP 8521, GSU)

  • Directed Readings on: Strategic Management; Nonprofit Mergers; Nonprofit Finance; Surveys in Nonprofit Research; The Science of Philanthropy

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