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Canadian Charitable Data Democratization

Along with Nathan Grasse from Carleton University, I have been working to make a comprehensive database of T3010 annual Canadian charity filings available to the public. This also allows exploration of numerous research questions involving the unique context of the Canadian data.

Current Projects

I believe that learning how to assist social economy organizations (nonprofits, charities, social enterprises, etc.) is crucially important to shaping the world into a better place. This means that I always have a lot of research initiatives under way. These are currently the multi-paper initiatives that I am spending the most time and attention on:

Nonprofit Resiliency and Vulnerability

With Kimberly Wiley of the University of Florida and Sarah Young of the Kennesaw State University, I explore the ways in which Illinois nonprofit organizations handled the state government shutdown. Some studies provide practical tips for nonprofits, while others suggest improvements to the way that we theorize nonprofit-government relations.

With Dennis Young, I study how nonprofits can prepare for and react to serious threats such as pandemics, economic recessions, and other events. Several initiatives (and a recent book) develop a new management paradigm to build healthier and more effective nonprofit organizations.

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The Financial Condition of Italian Social Cooperatives

With Simone Poledrini and Alessandro Montrone, I examine the economic and financial health of Italian social cooperatives, including policy options to boost the overall health of the sector.

How People Give

With Sarah Jacobson of Williams College and Angela de Oliveira of UMass-Amherst, I have an NSF grant to study in-kind giving from both the donor and the nonprofit perspectives.

With Travis St. Clair of New York University, I study the relationship between nonprofits and the business cycle, especially how economic fluctuations impact donations and their exposure to business cycle risk.

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